Monday, October 06, 2008

Readyish to Share

Well, I have a defense date. Oct 24 I go before a board of 5 and defend my work. I'm more nervous about the editing than I am about the content.

Still, it isn't done. I just want to graduate and get a job someday. There's much yet to do on the work. But I thought I'd share for those who might possibly want to read it (ok, that's you Mom, but you should probably wait for the hardback).

Its here.

Undoubtedly between now and the defense I'll tweak it more, and after the defense I'll tweak it more, and after I know where I'm going there'll be significant changes to move it into a book. But there it is.


Derek the ├ćnglican said...

Congratulations! I'm gonna start on it today!

Anonymous said...

Dear Larry,

Best of luck! I survived my defense last December, and I'm sure you will, too.

Angela Fulk

theswain said...

Thanks guys!