Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Heroic Age Issue 10

The Board and Editors of The Heroic Age would like to announce
our tenth issue located at With this issue, The
Heroic Age has introduced 2 sections of articles, one themed, and one
unthemed. We hope you enjoy this issue. Below, I've included a
table of contents, and I would also like to remind you of our Calls
for Papers for upcoming issues.

Issue 10:
Articles: Saints and Sanctity
Relics, Religious Authority, and the Sanctification of Domestic Space
in the Home Gregory of Tours: An Analysis of the Glory of the
Confessors 20
by Dennis Quinn

Miracle Stories and the Primary Purpose of Adomnán's Vita Columbae
by Sara E. Ellis Nilsson

Preserving the Body Christian: The Motif of "Recapitation" in
Ireland's Medieval Hagiography by Máire Johnson

Boniface's Booklife: How the Ragyndrudis Codex Came to be a Vita
Bonifatii by Michel Aaij

Tradition and Transformation in the Cult of St. Guthlac in Early
Medieval England by John R. Black

Articles-Unthemed Section

The P-Celtic Place-Names of North-East England and South-East Scotland
by Bethany Fox

Trade, Gift-giving and Romanitas: A Comparison of the Use of Roman
Imports in Western Britain and Southern Scandinavia by Thomas Green

Editions and Translations

The Revelatio Ecclesiae de Sancti Michaelis and the Mediterranean
Origins of Mont St.-Michel by John Charles Arnold (Forthcoming)


The Forum: The Historicity and Historiography of Arthur: A critical
review of King Arthur: Myth-Making and History by N. Higham, and The
Reign of Arthur: From History to Legend by C. Gidlow by Howard M.

Electronic Medievalia: If I were "You": How Academics Can Stop
Worrying and Learn to Love "the Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit" by
Daniel Paul O'Donnell

Continental Business by Michel Aaij

History by Biography:

The Changing Hagiography of St. Æthelthryth by Stacie Turner

Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia, 1207-2007 by Michel Aaij

In addition we have our book reviews edited by Brad Eden from various
contributors and recent losses to the Medieval community.

Issue 11 is planned for a mid-summer release.

Larry J. Swain