Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Call for Papers: New Approaches to Post-Roman Europe

The Heroic Age turns 20! In the age of the Internet, that is practically ancient! For our twentieth anniversary issue, HA is returning to its roots, more or less. That first issue focused on the Age of Arthur. For Issue 20, we invite submissions that examine post-Roman Northwestern Europe. We intend to put out an issue that is cross- and inter-disciplinary approaching the period from multiple perspectives. Topics might include, but are not limited to:
·       The successor kingdoms in Gaul
·       Impact on non-Roman areas
·       Impact on sub-Roman Britain
·       Adventus Saxonum?
·       The Church in post-Roman Europe
·       “Paganism” in post-Roman Europe
·       Languages and Linguistics of Late Latin and/or non-Roman languages
·       Hagiography
·       Irish and Ireland in the period
·       Eco-critical approaches to post-Roman Britain
·       Reactions and Examinations of Susan Oosthuizen’s Emergence of the English
·       Texts and Authors
In addition to Issue 20, this call also includes The Heroic Age’s session for the 2020 International Congress on Medieval Studies.

If submitting an abstract for ICMS session, send to by Sept. 15. If submitting for the Issue, point your browser to and follow instructions and links there.