Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wow--I thought I would blog the Congress. That didn't happen! But here are some thoughts on Congress 2006:

As usual I was busy, esp. on Thursday. But not as busy! Of the four sessions, I was only in 2, and only had committments for breakfast and lunch. BUT! For the first time, my paper truly sucked. I simply didn't have the time or resources i needed, not like I thought when I actually did begin work on it back in Oct. I thought I might get away with it in a small, out of the way session....but no, several big names showed up. Ah well....just make sure next year's paper is fabulous.

The good thing about Congress this year is that I was able to spend more time with friends, and less time networking; I have to say that my networks are pretty strong and now friends and networkings are beginning to merge. And that's all good!

Heard some good papers, but not a large number, and wandered about the book exhibit, visiting each place at least once. I can not believe some of the prices though! I saw a new paperback by a major scholar ON SALE for $90! An average size PAPERBACK! And don't get me started on Ashgate.....oi.

So short comments, but there's the gist. A good time, some intellectual challenges, some failures, some successes......

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