Friday, September 16, 2016

A Small Bit of Self Promotion

A long, long overdue post in so many ways.  Three things:

1) I have an article that has now appeared in the summer issue of Anglia!  I'm rather pleased by this, though I still prefer my original to what was published,  but still I'm very happy about this and very proud of this article.

2) At long last my book, Aelfric's Letter to Sigeweard, is in the publisher's hands, Witan Press.  Hopefully that will appear this fall.

3) The other thing is that I am looking to move to another position if I can land one.  I should be able to, but it would be grand to teach 3/3 or even, dare I hope, 2/2 and have some time to think, research, think, and write.

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